The HERBS FESTIVAL in the village of Mladen announces a Children’s Drawing Competition


The Enchantment of Enyovden

The competition aims at creating interest amongst children toward nature and its protection, natural way of life, getting to know the herbs in Bulgaria, provoking curiosity about legends related to folklore customs and sayings, and not at last – promoting creative development of the children.


The competition is individual. Eligible competitors are children aged up to 14. The participation is free.

The sizes of the drawings are minimum 20/30 cm, maximum 40/50 cm.

Each participant may submit only one drawing. Computer processed drawings ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Participants are divided into three age groups:

  • I age group up to 7;
  • II age group from 7 to 11;
  • III age group from 11 to 14.

There are no restrictions on the style, materials or drawing techniques.

The drawings will be accepted until 10 June 2015 /the post stamp is valid/ at the latest. Scanned drawings received by email will not be accepted.

On the back of the drawing it is OBLIGATORY to write:

Title of the drawing, name and family name, age of the author, the age group in which it will participate, city, country, address, telephone number and name of a parent, e-mail for contact.

The best selected drawings will be published on the facebook of the Herbs Festival in Mladen and on the website of .


The Selection Committee consists of Bulgarian artists and experts who will assess the drawings and award the prizes.

The awarded participants will be informed personally by phone or e-mail.
The results will be announced on the festival’s facebook page after the award ceremony on 4th July 2015 in the village of Mladen.


Charterfor competitors at 1, 2 and 3 place in the competition.

Certificate for all children whose drawings have participated in the exhibition on 4 July within the Herbs Festival in the village of Mladen.

Special gifts for competitors at 1, 2 and 3 place in the competition, provided by the organizers.

Special award provided by ACEHLC.


We expect your drawings at the following address:

Sofia 1000

P.O.Box 942

/for the Children’s Drawing Competition/

ACEHLC, in his role of the organizer, reserves its right to use the awarded drawings to popularize the Herbs Festival and its activities, provided that the names of the authors are published.

For more details please write to email:

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