Photographic exhibition AKSELS and friends

The photographic exhibition AKSELS and friends is initiated by the Association for Cultural, Economic, Heuristic and Linguistic Cooperation and is held in support of the cultural life in small towns and villages in Bulgaria. The exposition includes over 50 works by 18 authors from Bulgaria, Portugal, Malaysia, Colombia, Italy and Ireland. The audience can see photographs from different genres: black and white, colour, great portraits and landscapes from various parts of the world. The participants want to share their view of the world and although they can not attend personally at the meetings with the visitors, through the camera they tell the stories which impressed them from their daily life or their wandering abroad. What unites them is the cause to revive the cultural life in the Bulgarian villages and small towns.

The exhibition will start on 25 of March in the Chitalishte (Community Centre) “P. K. Yavorov 1926” in the village of Meshtitsa, after which it will be a guest of the pensioners’ club in the “Kalkas” quarter in Pernik. A week later a host of a part of the exhibition will be the gallery of Chitalishte “Saznanie” in the “Moshino” quarter. The full collection of photographs will be exposed in the South-West University “Neofit Rilski” – Blagoevgrad. “AKSELS and friends” is also invited to visit the villages of Mladen – municipality of Sevlievo, Bania – municipality of Razlog and Ognianovo – municipality of Garmen.

Petya Dimitrova – Bulgaria, Andon Tatsev – Bulgaria,
Emil Bonev – Bulgaria, Inna Valkova – Bulgaria,
Stanislav Stoyanov – Bulgaria, Eva Laudace – Italy,
Leonardo Agudelo – Colombia, Carlos Monteiro – Portugal,
Sarah Hardy – Ireland, Eduardo Marques – Portugal,
Vera Vitanova -Bulgaria, Ivo Asenov – Bulgaria,
Silvia Darvenyakova – Bulgaria, Veselina Boyanova – Bulgaria,
Lee Wei Liang – Malaysia, Neli Evgenieva – Bulgaria,
Lyubomir Kanelov – Bulgaria, Emanouil Angelov – Bulgaria.

AKSELS thanks to Mr. Zdravko Dekov – “Dekov” photo service who printed the photographs for the exhibition.

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