The Herbs Festival – village of Mladen – announces two Writing Competitions:

Eligible competitors are students from all over Bulgaria from 4 to 8 grade. Participation is individual. Eligible age from 9 to 14.
The text shall be no more than 4 pages A4 format and Times New Roman 12.  The title of the story may not coincide with the topic but the contents have to be related to it. Continue reading

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HERBS FESTIVAL – 22 June 2013, v.Mladen

The Association for Cultural, Economic, Heuristic and Linguistic Cooperation – ACEHLC, the Town Hall of the village of Mladen and the Credo Bonum Foundation are pleased to invite you to take part in the Herbs Festival which will take place on 22 June 2013 in the village of Mladen, Municipality of Sevlievo. During the day a lot of Bulgarian herbs producers, bio product producers and producers of herbal medicines will have the opportunity to present their products to Bulgarian customers and exchange contacts. In addition to the thematic stalls, where each company shall set up in the open area in the centre of Mladen. The festival offers places for practical workshops, in the Community centre there will be a series of seminars, and on the open stage there will be a show programme for the guests. There are two writing competitions for students open on “Nature and man” and the results will be announced on the festival day.

The purpose of the project is to popularize Bulgarian herbs, to show Nature’s treasures, to appeal to people to keep these treasures, to take care of them, to exchange ideas and knowledge about herbs, to stimulate them to have healthier lives, to exist in harmony with Nature, and not at last – to popularize the little village of Mladen.
Tents are allowed at the specially appointed place. Free of charge.

Deadline for application of companies is 10 June 2013. Free of charge.

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Photographic exhibition AKSELS and friends

The photographic exhibition AKSELS and friends is initiated by the Association for Cultural, Economic, Heuristic and Linguistic Cooperation and is held in support of the cultural life in small towns and villages in Bulgaria. The exposition includes over 50 works by 18 authors from Bulgaria, Portugal, Malaysia, Colombia, Italy and Ireland. The audience can see photographs from different genres: black and white, colour, great portraits and landscapes from various parts of the world. The participants want to share their view of the world and although they can not attend personally at the meetings with the visitors, through the camera they tell the stories which impressed them from their daily life or their wandering abroad. What unites them is the cause to revive the cultural life in the Bulgarian villages and small towns. Continue reading

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Project Funding

A second session on Project Funding is planned soon. Due to the great success of the first session and the topic, ACEHLC is organizing a second session. The lecturer again will be Mrs.  Liliya Georgieva. The programme includes the following modules:
1.Introduction to project funding. EU Structural and Cohesion funds, operational programmes, international and interregional programmes, other programmes and donors. Continue reading

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ACEHLC supported

ACEHLC supported the CD of MISA CRIOLLA – the masterpiece by the legendary Argentinian composer Ariel Ramires. The mesa was performed by the AVE MUSICA choir conducted by Mrs. Tanya Nikleva-Vladeva, the Choir of the Medics within the Ministry of Health, conducted by Mrs. Maya Vassileva, and the Art Libitum Formation lead by Mr. Yordan Vladev. The three formations gave one of the most thrilling Christmas concerts of 2011 in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia.
Continue reading

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HERBS festival in the village of Mladen, Municipality of Sevlievo

HERBS festival in the village of Mladen, Municipality of Sevlievo. First edition to be held in June 2013 during the 135 annual celebration of the village.

Under development.

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