YOUTH EXCHANGE “Heroes and monsters”

YOUTH EXCHANGE “Heroes and monsters”

This was one of the best youth exchanges I’ve been to. The selection of the participating countries was really good, as we were all SLAVS. From this project I understood how similar our culture and thinking is, despite us being in different countries. The topic of the exchange was about the movie industry. There was the big activity where we were divided into groups with the responsible task to make a script and shoot a movie. It was an amazing team building activity and everyone had a role of his choice. I will never forget how much our team laughed during the shootings.

The one thing I didn’t like about this project was that it was too short. However, in this short time I’ve created unforgettable moments, gained inspiration and met people with unique interests and talents.

Eva Boneva, 19 y, Gabrovo

Here you can see our movie 🙂 Enjoy!


I was on a project in Czech Republic from 24th to 30th June. The project was connected with video shooting, cutting and editing. It was really interesting for me as we were involved in many games and activities. For instance, we were given a map and had to go to different spots in the forest in order to collect straws in different colors. We used the collected materials as money so as to buy cast for the movie which we were to shoot. What is more, we were given the opportunity to design costumes which the actors in the movie could wear. We also had a press conference full of positive emotions. We could imagine ourselves in the roles of directors, production, cameramen, designers, script writers, sound masters and etc. We had such a great fun that all of us wished that we could stay there even more.

Lilly, 19 y, Razlog
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